Educational Sponsorship

Education is the basis of life

Children need basic education to be able to take their future in their own hands. This includes subjects providing general education as well as for example technical training which will enable them to live a selfdetermined and independent life in future. Besides food and a sleeping place, education is one of the most relevant aspects for a person to live a worthy life. The HOTPEC orphanage in Buea, Cameroon provides the children a safe haven in which they can grow up and in which they obtain a basic eduaction and training.


Education needs teachers

Education is not possible without teachers who educate the children and youths. They teach they students new material, consolidate what they have already learned, motivate them and hence, enable them to have a better chance in their adulthood. Around 100 children and youths from surrounding areas are being taught at the elementary school in the orphanage. Since the HOTPEC orphanage does not obtain any governmental support they highly rely on donations which can provide, if sufficient, salaries for the  teachers. If a continous salary can not be provided for the teachers they cannot discharge their teaching duties and can therefore not facilitate the childrens good future.


Help by adopting a educational sponsorship

With monthly donations you can relieve the HOTPEC orphanage and contribute to the education of the children and the youths. Through consistent donations the teachers salary throughout the year, and also their teaching actions, can be assured.


Adopt an educational sponsorship

Even 10$ a month can make a big difference for the people in Buea, Cameronn.

Donation Account:


IBAN: DE49 6605 0101 0108 2455 64


Reference: HOTPEC teacher