Solar power system

Money is scarce in an orphanage which does not get any governmental support. Hence, it is even more important to facilitate sustainable projects.

The solar power plant on the roof of the Vocational College

The reason for one of those projects is, to become independent from the public power provider. This can be achieved by installing a solar power system on the roof of the vocational college. During daytime, the power can be used to cook, work in the office and wash dresses. At the same time batteries are going to be charged which provide power after sunset and therefore light in the whole of HOTPEC. Furthermore, refrigerators must be in use 24/7 to prevent that food spoils. With this HOTPEC strikes twice:

  • Money is being saved, since no power provider must be paid
  • Eco-friendly energy is being produced

We are realizing this project together with the non profit organization Green Step since they are experienced in building solar power systems in Africa with special focus on Cameroon. The preparations for this project, on the roof of the Vocational College, have already begun in 2013 by Green Step. Also, batteries have been bought and installed.

Inverter and batteries at the moment

Nevertheless, the capacity of those batteries is not sufficient to provide enough electric power during the night. Therefore, MAHZUKAM e.V.
is supporting the endeavor to obtain further batteries.


MAHZUKAM e.V. wants to provide those batteries with your help. Support our proposition and donate for it.

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